Our services cover the full spectrum of Revenue Optimization

Strategy Definition

We Run:

Audit & Due diligence
Market, customer & competitive intelligence
Brand, portfolio & product mix strategies
Value measurement & extraction
Pricing power scenarios

Decision Making

We Support:

Product launch
Portfolio management
Price setting
Gross to Net management

Execution & Deployment

We Support:

Segmentation implementation
Pricing scenarios & simulations
Pricing & promo execution rules
Exceptions management

Dataflow & Control

We Build:

Pricing dataflow: mapping, integration and data preparation
Pricing tools: dashboards and visualization, pricing optimization software development and/or implementation
Pricing performance management: KPI definition and reporting

Organization & Governance

We Support:

Pricing governance: steering committees & RACI’s
Pricing community development: training & talent acquisition

What makes us different

What makes us different

End-to-end transformation

From strategy definition and business goals setting.
To high stakes acceleration solutions, fully embedded in work processes.

Combining three pillars

Business strategy and processes, data and technology are built together to deliver sustainable transformation.

Business Case

Expertise: what do we deliver?

Business Case 1

Top Line Optimization

Our client, a market leader in the retail sector wanted to improve its current elasticity models in order to fine-tune its pricing strategy under adverse conditions.

We implemented a new methodology, challenging internal practices, which allowed combining research driven adoption scenario with transactional data for superior business relevance. The adoption scenarios give us the needed “orthogonal” inputs and extra data points, which are not present in ticket data. The triangulation with transactions is a mandatory step to provide a stochastic optimization model that influences actual business result. After a 3-month test & control in one geography, the Board validated results: +8% top line improvement, +4% driven by price variance.

Business Case 2

Segmented Price Realization

Our client, a market leader in manufacturing, was looking for support in implementing its strategic plan for 2020 centered around profitable growth.

After an extensive audit and the co-creation of a roadmap, we identified several quick wins and executed a pilot in one major country to capture first tangible impacts. A custom pricing dashboard has been developed, providing superior pricing visibility and nudge salesforce towards targeted net price realization. On top of the economic results resulting from an improved pocket price realization, the project allowed to fine-tune and validate the data architecture, achieve a single point of truth in terms of gross margin construction, and democratize the usage of data in sales management.

Business Case 3

Improved pricing power

Our client, a global leader in medical devices, was redefining its EMEA pricing strategy in order to respond to an increased volatility. We helped delivering a data-driven methodology and tools to increase their Pricing Power in the Region. As our client had already implemented a major pricing software, we focused the project on delivering a “last mile” pricing tool that would integrate data outside the current system, and on streamlining the analysis of complex pricing data for business users among other capabilities.

We defined and forecasted pricing power scenarios, supported by the tool, to make the invisible visible for the sales reps and empower them with an agile methodology that gives them a new edge over competition and adverse market conditions.

Unleashing Revenue Growth for Superior Profits

The Top Line is your partner to help you unleash revenue
growth and generate superior profits

Unleashing Revenue Growth for Superior Profits

The Top Line is your partner to help you unleash revenue
growth and generate superior profits

Unleashing Revenue Growth for Superior Profits

The Top Line is your partner to help you unleash revenue
growth and generate superior profits


Dr. Manu Carricano. CEO & Founder.

BigData & Pricing Analytics

Manu combines top-level academic skills with more than 15 years
experience in Data Science & Pricing consultancy.

Director of Institute for Data-Driven and of Big Data & Analytics
Executive program at ESADE Business School.

Linkedin / mcarricano@thetoplinelab.com 

Eduardo Kuehnel. Partner

Deal Management & Commercial Excellence

Eduardo has over 15 years of international experience in the areas
of pricing, business strategy and performance improvement.

His background combines leadership positions in Pricing
Consultancy companies, as well as Global Pricing Management
positions in manufacturing companies.

Linkedin / ekuehnel@thetoplinelab.com 

Guillaume Tujague. Partner

Revenue Management

Guillaume is a Revenue Management expert, specialized in the travel
and online industries, in which he operated during more than 12 years.

His last position before joining The Top Line Lab was Director of
Revenue Management within a leading global On Line Travel Agency,
where he implemented a major Dynamic Pricing project.

Linkedin /gtujague@thetoplinelab.com

Our Team

We have assembled a team of talents in the fields of

Data management,
cleaning and preparation

Data visualization

Data analytics
and data science

Business consultants

Job Offers

We are looking for the right candidates to cover two positions: Business Analyst & Consultant in Pricing & Revenue Management:

To apply: 

If you are interested in any of these roles, then please send your CV (in english) to Natalie Sorolla Foster nsorolla@thetoplinelab.com

Business Analyst

To view the job description, please click here

Consultant in Pricing & Revenue Management

To view the job description, please click here


Pricing Power Paris

On April 9th we gathered with Amplegest close to 100 participants in the beautiful Automobile Club de France where our partner Manu Carricano, PhD, disclosed our brand new methodology to connect Pricing Power to Financial Performance. Contact us for more information on the methodology

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“Not everything that counts can be counted˝ Albert Einstein (1879-1955).

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